Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another rainy day.

Yesterday we woke up to sunshine so we made plans to go to the beach by the time we had packed up it was drizzling still quite warm but definately wet !! We changed plans and decided to head for Ryedale folk museum in Hutton-le-Hole instead. We drove through some spectacular scenery and up some hills we could only do in first gear! These roads were trusty and single track and very scary!
The sun came out for long enough at the museum for us all to get a touch of sun burn!
We headed back late afternoon and they had another bash at crabbing although this time in between dodging the rain they didn't catch anything!
We ate at the cottage last night and Tom and I had a couple of drinks it certainly helped us sleep better!!(you know how you keep waking in a strange bed)
Today we are off to see the rellies!!

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