Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bank Holiday Weekend.

This week has gone on forever, I really thought that we would not get to Friday at one point. I seem to be at work for longer and longer !
Beth and I went out last night for an evening, we went to the bead shop in Knebworth where they were holding a beginners class, there were 8 of us all together some knew more than others but we got started and were shown the 'right' way to do things rather than my way of doing things!!
It was a very successful evening started at 6.15pm and we were still there at 9.30!!
It was also a bargain price, £5 for the tuition and refreshments and all you then paid was the price of the beads used. Beth made this lovely funky bracelet with stripey squares and bright pink beads.We learnt how to 'pin work' so now we can make head pins, eye pins and we know how to string beads together on wire.

To go with her bracelet she made a necklace with the same square beads and this chunky star! We also learnt how to make a pendant with the end crimps on the thong.
I make a bracelet using the same pin technique as Beth but I used crackle beads, pearls and crystals. I now have loads of ideas about what I can make next, time to start thinking about Christmas presents!!
Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.

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