Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gone Crabbing!!

Beth was dead keen to go crabbing while we were away, we seemed to spend ages with her looking for good opportunities to get out and crab. She was so confident that we would find hundreds that she was worried the bucket would be too small. In the end the competition between Beth and her dad was a bit of a wash out. The crabs were not nipping. The final result over the week was two crabs to Beth and one to Tom!!!

While they were crabbing off the edge there were loads of these seagulls, just hoping that some poor crab would make a nice dinner for them !

On a trip out we decided to take a look at Ravenscar, there aren't too many houses, but there are some absolutely stunning views out across the harbour. A really beautiful place.

This is a view from our cottage, we were treated to some really interesting stormy skies. I had tried to get some good sky shots, but there were so many grey skies that it effected the quality of the photos. I did get some lovely sky shots at a particularly lovely sunset on the beach which I will post later!

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Jen said...

Hiya! Been catching up on reading about your holiday and it's made me all nostalgic for the summer hols of my childhood. I'm jealous!! Glad you had a lovely time even though the return journey sounds like my idea of hell :(