Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something Crafty. Polka Dot Frenzy!!!

Last week on holiday we had a fair few wet days, so Beth and I spent one of those wet afternoons in Doodle pots, a great studio for painting your own pots. Beth and I have done this a fair few times before and we really enjoy doing them. This time I chose a pint jug and Beth chose a cupcake trinket box.
The amazing thing is that the time absolutely flies when you start painting.

You have to remember that the colours that you start with are the not the same ones that you end up with. This was the first time I had been brave and used black paint, the lady said that its a hard colour to work with as it goes streaky. I am glad that I gave it a go, as it has turned out just fine.
The paint needs to be applied in three layers to get the depth of colour and that's where things can go wrong. Its hard to see the white paint and remember how many times you have been around the pot. Still it was great entertainment, I just wish we had a shop around here, as I would work on a dinner service.

This is Beth's pot, its turned out fine!
I haven't had chance to photograph the finished articles as of yet but I am very impressed with these photos, taken by Beth!!!!

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suebaru said...

I'm sure there's somwwhere in Knebworth you can do pottery painting x