Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frustration !!!!!!!

You are supposed to come back off of a holiday feeling refreshed and relaxed, ready to face the usual hassles of everyday life, well it simply hasn't worked like that !!
Thursday night we had torential rain, gale force wind and general horrible weather. So we packed up and made a start for home on Friday morning, we half thought that we might not get a good journey home, but none the less we had to be out of the cottage and on our way.
We must be getting better at packing up as it took less than 45 minutes to pack and load the car.
We hit the road and only had one problem crossing the Moors, the usual bottle neck at Pickering and onwards to the A1, that was where it all went wrong.
(I took this photo of Beth before embarking on the return journey!!)
So we got onto the A1 and within minutes we were in a huge long traffic jam, all the radio stations started to talk about an accident on the south bound which had happened a short while before we joined the queue. From then on we were stuck. We couldn't get off the road and we were simply not going anywhere.
Hours later we finally got to a point that we could leave the road we stopped at a pub for something to eat and realised that we were STILL north of Doncaster, it was so demoralising. After dinner we we looked at the A1 an it was moving well, so we decided to rejoin it and restart the journey. We got back on the motorway and within minutes we were in another traffic jam. This time we were between junctions for another couple of hours as a horse box had broken down and blocked one carriageway at the point that the road had narrowed from 3 to two lanes. Throughout all the hold ups it was raining hard which made the driving when we did get to move a bit of a challenge.
We eventually got home 8 1/2 hours later, a journey that usually takes 4 1/2 hours!!!!
Once we got home, I started on the marathon unpacking and washing, I switched on the PC and plugged in my Iphone to charge only to watch it self destruct, before my eyes it decided to reset itself back to factory settings, I lost everything, no calendar, no contacts, no nothing!!!! I could have cried.
It has taken ages to try and get all the contacts back up and running and I am still lots short, so if you were one of my contacts and wish to remain one of my contacts, please get in touch with me!!!
Today we have had a Royal visit from Laura who has been following the Rosemary Connolly diet and torture class for the past month and has today lost her first stone in weight. Well done Laura!!

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