Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day one and more rain :0(

We got up Saturday morning to rain which got worse as the day moved on . It was that hot sticky rain where it was too not for a coat but too wet to go without one!! We had a drive around but Beth and I ended up at the ceramic shop she has painted a beautiful cupcake trinket box and I decorated a jug. The amazing thing was that it took around 3 hours and that time flew! As a bonus Tom went and had a few bets on the dogs and paid for the ceramics with his winnings!!!
Last night we ate at the cottage but we have Sussed out a nice Chinese for later in the week.
I am up early as the bed gives me back ache, since changing to a soft matress at home which helps my back any hard matresses are agony!! Off to have a shower and hit the boot sales fingers crossed it doesn't rain!


Sue said...

Keeping fingers crossed for sunshine xxx

Andrea said...

I have an update on Amden on arise 2 write.
Blessings and prayers,