Monday, August 09, 2010

Boot sale Sunday

Yesterday we started with a boot sale, it was massive with a well organised carpark it took us over an hour to walk around it the once ! There was the usual tat and rubbish but a few stalls selling some interesting stuff. In the end I only spent a couple of quid, two brass weights for my weighing scales (I have been missing the the one and two ounce weights ever since I had the scales) I also picked up some necklaces just for the beads which I plan on reusing. My last buy was a Disney music cd for 50p bargain!!
We then headed for the beach and spent a pleasant hour reading the Sunday papers before we realised the tide was coming in fast so we had to escape up the steepest stairs on the beach while carrying deck chairs!!!
We spent the afternoon walking around the little shops in Whitby before heading home with a Chinese !!
I took some lovely beach photos but I just can't seem to find a way of uploading to blogger from my iPhone!!
The sun is shining so I hope we can get back on the beach for a while!!

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