Thursday, December 30, 2010

She has had the operation.

Finally yesterday Mum had her operation, she went down around 11am and made it back to the ward for 4pm. I went in to see her last night and she was awake and a little confused but she knew it had been done. She is on a self administered morphine drip so that is the reason she is confused again. The staff say that the op went well and they plan on having her up this morning. I know that she will find that tough going and that has been made worse by the delay to the operation. I know she will be reluctant to get up as she is worrying about the pain but they will have to get her going.
I have calmed down a bit now and I do realise that its hard on the staff as well they are having to deal with the back lash of the cuts which leave them short staffed and having to continue with the work. I still think its wrong to have kept her hanging around for so long.
I am back at work today so I will call in and see her later.

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Jenn Jilks said...

Good work. I'm sure you must be relieved. Once she is discharged, the hard part begins!
There are reasons for getting her up. I wrote a piece about Hospitalization for seniors. It might help. All the best.