Friday, December 17, 2010

Whats going on here then????

Once upon a time four ladies took a trip to Belgium. They were quite surprised when they woke up on the first morning to find that it was snowing very hard and the temperature was minus 10!! Three of the ladies had taken the precaution of bringing along suitable footwear for that eventuality, but unfortunately one lady failed to realise that it was winter at all and did not have any boots with her. So the only thing to do to stop a terrible slipping accident was to put a pair of socks over her shoes to aid her grip!!!

So here she is with her special pixie hat and her carer trying to decide how to go about getting the socks 'over' the shoes. It was decided that the best plan of action was for her to sit down in the rather snowy bus shelter in the middle of the  Grotte Market. In full view of the market stall holders, who were somewhat amused by the antics of the strange British women, In the rest of Europe it was traditional to wear socks inside the shoes. This was a revelation!

Sitting down was proving quite difficult there was no alternative, the carer had to get up close and personal. She had to make a quick assessment and decide if a swift return to use the facilities at the nearby Novatel was in order, or if the underwear was holding up in the circumstances and could last for another visit to a bar.
The other two ladies stood watching and laughing at the antics!!!!