Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Mend.

Mum is now day two post op, we went in to see her yesterday and she was awake but still somewhat confused. The nurses confirmed that she had been out of bed, they had the physios around and they stood her up and walked her around the bed to the other side and back in again. That is real progress!! Mum said that it was painful, but she knew she had to do it.
She is in a bay with three other ladies, one lady waiting for an operation, the two others are quite vocal and Mum is finding that hard going. The lady next door is a Nun and Mum is convinced that she is trying to get her to join a sect, she said that in the middle of the night people arrived and told her to change her religion, Mum said she wouldn't !! Most of last nights visit was full of bizarre conversations about religious sects and the fact that the hospital tea was undrinkable because they use grapefruit juice instead of water to make it. I was really concerned as mentally she was worse than the day before. The staff have said its the Morphine and the general, once that is out of her system she should improve.
Tonight is New Years eve and traditionally we celebrate this with Madeline and John. This year they are coming to us so I am about to go and buy our traditional Big Bang firework!!!
Happy New Year !!

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Shirley said...

Of course that's why the tea tastes bad! I never knew that!