Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!!

2011 has got off with a big bang!!! We had our regular guests over, Madeline, John and Grace. We had a lovely Chinese meal followed by Lemoncello cake and chocolate trifle. We then had a few rounds of Balderdash and before we knew it it was midnight and next year!!!
We set off our 25 round 'twinkling barrage' firework (which was certainly more barrage with some twinkling) We the went out the front and set off some Chinese Lanterns. The whole of the sky was lit up with them at one point before we even released ours we could see around 20 floating away, very spectacular!!
We did have a bit of a problem getting ours to take off, they seemed a little reluctant to leave us and one of them once it had gone failed and set fire to itself, no doubt the remains came down over the road!!!
Happy New Year to one and all!!!

Before our guests arrived we went in to see Mum, she was much less confused not too uncomfortable. They had tried to get her up but she was convinced that she couldn't get out of bed because the mattress was wrong. she said it was in the wrong place (?) and that she wasn't close enough to the ground. I am worried that by not getting out yesterday she has blown her chances of getting out of bed until Tuesday when the physios return. We took her mobile into her and she has text me this morning but she has phoned one of her friends and told her she wants to get up but they are taking no notice of her. I have checked with the hospital and they won't get her up until the physios are there, so it going to be Tuesday. A real shame because if she had got up yesterday she would have been able to get up herself this morning. She will just have to keep moving in the bed.

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