Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tidy Up Time.

Well that time has arrived, where all the decorations have to be packed away back into the loft for next year. Usually we would wait a little longer but this year the tree has given up the ghost and we are fed up with sweeping up needles, so its gone out into the garden ready for recycling. I have also given our bedroom a good clean and got rid of loads of 'stuff' that's been hanging around. I seem to have loads and loads of rubbish bags and the dustman hasn't been for weeks. New years eve the TV blew up, so we decided to get a new one in the sales, that generated a whole load of cardboard so our brown recycling is stuffed to the gunnel's and I am sure when they tip the bin nothing will happens as its so jammed in.
We went to see Mum last night and she is doing very well. She has been out of bed a couple of times. All drips have gone as has the catheter, she is really making good progress. Since she has refused to have anymore Morphine her mental confusion has improved. Last night she was back to 'near' normal only a couple of odd things, but I am very encouraged. We even decided it was safe to let her have her mobile phone back and she called this morning to say she was doing OK.
So back to the hoovering, nearly done!!!

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Brodders said...

yay for the clear out and fabulous news for your mum Lyzzy. Hope 2011 is good to you and will see you at Debden....