Monday, January 03, 2011


We called in to see Mum last night and she seems back to her usual self, no wild religious Sects demanding that she joins, they have stopped using grapefruit in the tea and all is nearly well with the world. She has been out of bed twice and has sat in the chair for a bit. The real problem is that with it being the Bank holiday she is again waiting for the physios to come in tomorrow to get her moving on her own. The biggest problem she is experiencing at the moment is another patient who is very confused and who screams out all night. She makes me jump when she does it during visiting, so it must be very disconcerting in the middle of the night when you have just dropped off to sleep. None the less we are still happy with progress and Mum is really trying which is all you can ask.
I was really hoping that my new craft storage cupboard would have been delivered in time for Christmas as promised on their web site, It hasn't been delivered and it appears they are on shut down over the holiday period, so I can't even ask them where it is. I feel a bit miffed as we have had the time to build it over the break which has now not happened, I will have to hope its here this weekend.
Over the holiday I have made a few necklaces and I have made up a Rosary Bead kit that I bought back from the USA. I am really pleased with that and I will make it up again using different beads. I just need to take some photos to show you all!!

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