Sunday, January 09, 2011

This Weekend I made Something........ and it made me ache!!!!

For Christmas Tom said I could have a craft storage cupboard, I had hoped it would arrive before Christmas, but it didn't. So when it finally arrived on Saturday morning I was glad it hadn't, it arrived on a pallet, 5 enormous boxes weighing a ton.  We got started on it straight away and the above photo is us in mid sort. By the time we had all the pieces out of the boxes we had 6 black bags of polystyrene waste plus a whole load of cardboard. The next problem was that the construction instructions were on a CD ROM. This meant that we had to watch, pause, rewind, watch again to work out what to do. The bloke showing us how to build it managed to do so in around 8 minutes, while calmly listening to tinkly music. We on the other hand took two days, a large amount of swearing and still managed to get a piece the wrong way around which meant we had to take one piece apart and start again.

Today at the end of day two, we are both exhausted and ache like theres no tomorrow. We have both been in positions that we haven't been in for a good long while. The Conservatory looks like a bomb has hit it. I am now slowly loading all my craft stuff into the new cupboard. It has a load of cute little shelves and baskets. I am having to label them as I go or I stand the risk of never being able to find a pair of scissors ever again!! Once its all sorted I will show you. If you want my advice, don't think about buying one, its too painful!!

Because of the marathon construction effort we never made it in to see mum today, we did however manage to make dinner for Dad and Laura. We saw Mum yesterday and she was not too impressed with her new abode. They were making her do things which she was not too keen to do. Nothing nasty just little things like getting herself dressed and the likes. Dad has seen her today and he has said that she is finally accepting that she needs to get stuck in and things will get better for her. I am encouraged!!!


Lousette said...

Oh how funny ... not to mention exhausting, Now at least you have a nice place to store all those holographic wheelbarrows. :D

Jen said...

I'm thinking the tinkly music is an integral part of the process so if you left that out it's no wonder it took you ages... Can't wait to see pictures :)

Jen said...

PS Positions you hadn't been in for a while??? :D