Sunday, January 16, 2011

I have Scrapped!!

I have Scrapped words I haven't said in a long time. I have used my new craft station and its easy to find things, if I want stickers there are only two places to look, if I want paper just the two places to look. I might even get a few more done this afternoon. Going to Disney over Halloween has resulted in a load of Halloween photos, so I am going to do them.,I picked up a load of Halloween embellishments in the sales in Florida, so I am going to make the most of them.
Today is the first Sunday in an age where I am not going to cook Sunday lunch. Dad has suggested that we all go out for lunch which will make a good change.
We went in to see Mum last night and she is still pretty fed up and miserable, She was aching from the physio the day before and she was still complaining of an ache in her upper arm. She has been seen by a Doctor and they think that its a pulled muscle from trying to get herself into a standing position. She has also picked up a cough so she is pretty miserable. When we got there Keith, Nicky and Dad were already there. You are only supposed to have two visitors at a time, but they didn't seem too worried and as Mum was in bed we were not interfering with anyone else.
Yesterday E-ON delivered an energy monitor which I have now fixed up and we are watching just how much electricity is used whenever something is switched on. Its quite amazing how much is used when you put on the kettle. I can now see why you should only boil what you need, it makes the meter race!!

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