Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strange Old Day

Well the day got off to a bad start, I was unwell with a dodgy tummy, been up on and off during the night, I am very suspicious that the Subway I had for lunch yesterday was responsible for my rough night and grotty day. By around mid afternoon I was feeling a little better and started to look through some of the 'stuff' I had been clearing out. I found this lovely little photo starring a load of sunflowers and two out of three of the kids. Carl was so chubby cheeked and Beth looked sooooo cute!
This evening we went to see Mum . She has had the staples out of the wounds and again she was not impressed and kicked up when they came out. When I have had mine out I don't remember them hurting that much, there is always at least one that needs a bit of a tug, but generally they are uncomfortable rather than painful. My brother visited and asked the staff what was happening as she has been complaining of a pain  in her arm for the past few days. The Sister said that they had reported it to the Doctor who thought it was muscle strain, they are going to check it out again in the morning. Mum seemed a little confused again tonight, Yesterday she was freezing cold sat in the day room wrapped in a blanket , tonight she was boiling hot and sitting by her bed, she was not happy at the arrival of another housemate and she told me that she had walked around 12 miles today! Confusion reigns!!
Onwards and Upwards!!

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Travis Erwin said...

I just like the term dodgy tummy. Sounds more sophisticated than an upset stomach.