Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Still Sorting Out.

After work today I continued with my reorganising. Its been very painful, mainly because I have real trouble throwing things away. I am firmly in the 'one day it might come in useful' camp. I have tonight finally given in and decided to throw out some fabric paints from about 15 years ago. It was agony, I started by checking each bottle out to see if the paint was still liquid, it was hit and miss, some were some were rock solid. I took the painful decision just to stop testing and chuck them away. Oh the pain, what if I discovered that I had an urgent need to paint fabric tomorrow and I was without paint?? I have kept a couple of little bottles just in case, just in case.
I also cleared out my collection of sewing boxes, I have a thing about 'old' sewing boxes, you know the type your Nan used to have. Odd buttons, ancient threads for mending 'nylons', Hooks and eyes, strange instruments for transferring tailors chalk marks (who knows why you would want to do that in the first place!!) So I have decided to rationalise them as well.I have now got all the threads in one of the new drawers and all the 'tools' in another drawer in case one day I do find that I need to use them on something.
All I have left is a few bits and pieces to do, I am finding it hard to build up my confidence enough to throw out anything else tonight. Mind you with the huge amount of packing that we have left out for the dustman, they may decide that we are worth missing this week!
Mum is getting on well, she has been up and walking around a bit. They seem to have adopted the carrot and stick method with the patients. They dangle the carrot by saying all they have to do is walk to, say the toilet. Once they arrive and expect to sit down and then hitch a lift back on a chair, they are hit with the stick and told that they have to walk back as well!! So best you don't exhaust yourself on the first leg of the journey.
A bonus of my big clear out is that I have found a bag of knitting, so I am going to take that in for her tomorrow, that should keep her busy.


Almost Normal said...

Good that they're keeping her up and going! No slacking for nan now! Glad you're getting your stuff sorted!

Jenn Jilks said...

Quite a journey, isn't it? Nothing prepared me for mine. You sound like you are doing well.
Purging is a healthy activity! Moving helped me purge.
hugs from Cottage Country Perth!