Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanks Beth!!!

I received a big surprise when I got home from work tonight, Beth bought me a big bunch of flowers, she knows that I have been running on empty all week and that I was having a bit of a struggle to get everything done. On the way home from school she made Tom take her to the shops and let her buy a bunch of flowers for me. She also gave me a little credit card sized keepsake which has the following words on it-

Hang In There
I know that things are tough
right now and you may feel alone
but please remember others care
and you are not on your own.
Just try not to forget to take
things day by day
and anytime you need me,
I'll be with you all the way.

How nice is that ??? Thanks Beth it has made me feel much better

Tonight we called in to see mum, she has had physio and has done very well. She seems much brighter, she has had a shower and a hair wash. I think that picks you up. Things seem to be getting better in so far as she is able to get out of bed a bit quicker and they have left a commode by her bed. She was sat in the day room tonight and had made friends with a lady called Heddy. They were having a laugh and a chat when we arrived. Its a shame Heddy will be off home soon, but there will be someone else along soon.
Tonight I have used my new workstation. I have trimmed some photos for scrapping. I hope to get cracking on them this weekend. I will be scrapping our Florida trip, so it will be nice to remember the hot days and the fun we had what seems like ages ago!!

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Shirley said...

What a beautiful girl Beth is! A credit to her Mama and Papa xxx