Tuesday, January 04, 2011

If that was Christmas, We've had it!!!!

Things really haven't gone to plan this Christmas so its a shame that I am  heading back to work tomorrow feeling far from refreshed and ready to fight a new years worth of problems.
I am still awaiting the delivery of my craft cupboard, so I'll be on to them tomorrow. I have not been able to do too much as I refuse to sort the craft table out twice!! I did buy a Rosary kit in USA and I finally photographed it, not a good one, but I enjoyed making it and will make some more.
Called in to see Mum this evening. She seems to be doing well but tonight she was very down in the dumps and crying. I think its because she feels a bit trapped in there and unable to get away from the woman in the bed opposite who wails all the night and most of the day. She is pinning a lot of hope on the physios turning up to help her tomorrow, but I hope she isn't going to feel let down when she is unable to walk up and down the ward in one hit. On the plus side she is on no extra pain killers beyond those she was on when she came in, so no more morphine and she is comfortable, she is really able to move the duff leg around in the bed which is great. Fingers crossed she continues to progress, I noticed on the board they have her down for discharge on the 11th of January. Who knows??


Jen said...

Poor mum :( I certainly know how upsetting it can be to have the lady next door wailing - that was the worst bit about being in hospital! Love the rosary. How much would you charge for one, cos I've mislaid mine, sadly....

lyzzydee said...

I'll do you one, It'll be a wee minute to get the little bit in the middle but the rest I have and I'll do it for you