Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fantastic Good News!!!

Today Laura went for a job interview, the first one in a few years, she prepared well for the interview, went to the place that was advertising to see if she would like it. She found out as much as she could about it and applied. Today she found that all her hard work had paid off, she was successful and has been offered a full time job!! This is fantastic news, against a background of growing unemployment. So she is going to start at the beginning of February. We are so proud of her. 
We went to see Mum tonight, she was sitting in the arm chair by her bed. Despite being in a new bay she said she had a terrible night, this time it was due to the bed itself. The mattress is a special any bed sore one and has a undulating effect with compressed air moving the points of pressure. Mum said that last night she was finding it difficult to sleep because of that. So when we arrived tonight they had decided to change her mattress to a new one which was still an air mattress but one more suitable to her size. Unfortunately the hospital had declared and emergency incident this afternoon after all electrical power was lost and the hospital had swapped onto generator power.So the new mattress was taking ages to blow up. We were there over an hour and it was still only half full. Mum was getting herself upset by this and wanted to get back in bed as she said she was aching in the chair and very tired. When it was finally firm enough to use the nurse arrived to organise her return to the bed. I was quite shocked at how 'infirm' Mum was, She had told us that she had walked around the bed with a zimmer frame, but tonight she couldn't get off of the chair, once we finally got her up she was all bent over and in danger of falling as she was looking down at the floor and not at where she wanted to go. There was only one step to the bed but she didn't lift her feet she sort of shuffled and then perched on the edge of the bed. She was too close to the edge and ended up having to get up again to move further back. She eventually got in with the nurse swinging her legs up.
To be honest I was amazed at how little she could move, I was expecting her to be able to walk but with assistance, but this was nothing like that. I really fear that she won't be in a position to walk out of there.
So a great day has turned to a day of great concern.  I just hope it turns itself around, perhaps Mum was tired and stiff having been stuck in the chair so long. Onwards and upwards!!!

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Shirley said...

Awww pet she'll have up and down days I'm sure it was sitting too long, a bad nights sleep and maybe a bit too much wallowing?? Not to be unkind as it's miserable being ill but a positive attitude works wonders! I hope she's better tomorrow sweetie xxx