Thursday, January 13, 2011

And Relax.......

I have finally finished sorting out all my craft stuff. The very trying cupboard construction is over and I have now got a nice looking cupboard to hide away the 'stuff'!!

Here it is half opened up. I have decided to use the back of the doors o display some of my bits and pieces. there is a load of space for pictures but I have made a good start on it. (I have some of my favourite hand made cards, plus other bits and pieces) Even with all the storage space I have decided to store albums on top as they are so heavy and I don't want to trash the shelves.

Here are a few of my favourite things!!!

Here it is opened out. I still have lots of empty drawers, but those with things in are full of 'stuff' and labeled which means I should be able to find things again. Now it is fully sorted out I am pleased with it. It looks really neat packed away and when its open everything is within arms reach. I just need to get started back on my scrapping now!
Mum is doing fine, I haven't been in today as to be honest its all getting a bit too emotional. She seems to cry every time I go in and that is hard to deal with. Keith has gone in and has spoken to the staff and they have made some headway. She is going to have a shower tomorrow morning before she goes to physio. Dad has seen her walk around 10 yards today which is great. She should be able to build on that and is closer to getting home!

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Heather said...

I love your cupboard!! So organised, no excuses now lol!