Monday, January 24, 2011

One step forward, two steps back.

Just when you thought it was safe to assume that Mum was making reasonable progress, Bang it all goes wrong. Tonight Tom and I went in to see her and she was distraught, hot and sweaty and very under the weather. We found out what was going on and it was not very pleasant.
She has been diagnosed with another urine infection which makes you feel pretty wretched anyway, but the day had got of to a terrible start, due to the infection she was confused. All through the night the staff had been into her and given her a bedpan, she thinks around 6 times. When those staff went off shift only half the day shift arrived. She asked to go to the loo repeatedly from early in the morning and her ringing was ignored. She is not able to get out of bed so the inevitable happened. She was left wet and cold in bed until 12.30pm - Unbelievable !! How can that possibly be right???  What has happened to dignity and respect?? Had anyone considered her feelings?? While it must be terrible for the remaining staff to have to cope it is beyond a joke that people should be put through the embarrassment of wetting the bed in what is supposed to be a civilised caring country!
Again I find myself having to complain about the treatment provided by the NHS. I am sure a lot of people will think that a wet bed is a small inconvenience, but what happens when you are frightened, confused and too worried to stand up for yourself?? Have you been served your breakfast while shivering in a freezing cold wet bed? I keep thinking that I am young enough to still stick up for myself, what age do you become invisible? or too much trouble ?
I have spoken to the nurse in charge tonight and she has confirmed what Mum said and said it was due to the lack of staff, she has said now that I am unhappy about it she will make an incident report, so if I hadn't mentioned it, nothing would have happened??? How many other elderly and vulnerable people were in the same boat this morning? How many relatives knew nothing about it?
We have had very few good NHS experiences of late, I know the staff try their hardest but what are the managers playing at??
I am still fuming, but I have written it all down and tomorrow my brother and I will be on their doorstep raising merry hell.   Watch this space!
Rant over for tonight.

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Jen said...

Oh bloody hell :( They need to get rid of some managers and hire some nurses - they are overworked but that's no excuse for letting patients lying in cold, sodden sheets!! I'm so sorry darling. HUGS!! Hope mum is better soon - and can go home!