Saturday, January 08, 2011

Whooosh and shes gone!!!

Yesterday I was planning to go and see Mum at the usual time, when I received a call from the hospital to say that they were planning to move her to the QVM. I was surprised because they do nothing in a hurry, but they had transport arranged for 1pm and they intended to have her moved at that time.
Of course knowing what I know about the NHS they NEVER do anything on time and why move a patient in the day light? far better to move them at night (or at least in the dark) so that they are disorientated and have no idea where they are. This was a tactic they used all the time when dad was in hospital. He was even asleep on one of the moves in the middle of the night and they shunted him to another ward.
Any how true to form they finally loaded mum up into the ambulance at 7pm and carted her off, only 6 hours late in the pouring rain and dark!!!
We went to the new hospital and by the time we had got there she was already in the bed and settling down. She was still miserable, but she will get better at this place she will not be allowed to stay in bed. They have already phoned and asked for her clothes and shoes, until she is dressed she can't go into the mixed day room or undertake any physio. So dad has gone up with an assortment of clothes and hopefully we will see things start to improve. Its a nice friendly place, no Doctors only nurses and physios and on call from the local surgery. It just seems a lot more caring.
Tom and I have been up since 8am (on a Saturday!!!) and we have cleared off my craft area. Before Christmas I ordered a spanking new craft cupboard and it was delivered this morning. It looks really daunting as there are 6 huge boxes in total, it arrived on a pallet and its going to take an age to sort out. It'll be great once its done.

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