Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Hit The Wall.

Mum has been doing so well, today she has hit a wall and is very very tearful. She has been up and out of bed, she has walked around the bed, sat in her chair got back in, got out again and should be very pleased with herself BUT she is tearful. This morning instead of telling her that she was doing well the staff told her that she might end up at QVM for rehabilitation. Dad was at the QVM and once we had all got over the shock of him arriving in a day room full of people in chairs all staring blankly at each other they went on to get him back on his feet and walking which was the whole object of the game.
So The QVM (Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital) could end up being a good thing, Mum is yet to be convinced.
During tonight's visit we were all subjected to the wailing from the woman in the bed opposite, she is totally confused and she screams at the top of her voice and carries on all through the night. She is so loud and frightening that the rest of the ladies in the bay have all been given ear plugs. During visiting she wails and just doesn't stop. I know it must be hard for the staff but its awful for the rest of the inmates who can't sleep and are exhausted by all the noise. Tonight Mum phoned to say that she had had enough and she was going to have to leave and wanted me to go and get her. I called the hospital and spoke to the staff nurse. While I understand its hard but surely the rest of them are entitled to some peace to enable them to get better, perhaps some or all of them need something to help them sleep.  I think that the woman who screams is lucky that the rest are bed ridden or I think they may well have taken the law into their own hands.
The hospital are going to see what they can do I'm not holding my breath.
I am looking at this as a step closer to home......


Almost Normal said...

She'll get there. This should keep her motivated for getting up and about, no more slacking. Can I come in Thursday to see her?

Shirley said...

GA's make you depressed for a while, maybe book a (moveable) trip for her to look forward to?

Jen said...

Oh poor mum (and other inmates) :( Hope she gets motivated to get up and on her feet to escape this. Bless her. Hugs xx