Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Its So Cold!

Just as we thought the really cold weather was gone, the cars are again tonight covered in frost. I am feeling really cold. Grrrr.
Tuesday is one of those nightmare nights, Beth has life saving, Laura has college and I popped in to see mum. Mum is doing well, they are reducing her medication and she is not suffering too many ill effects. Tonight she was very tired after a good session with the physios. She is now walking with the aid of a zimmer frame and she is having to walk everywhere. She seemed quite good in herself so I feel very encouraged for her. She is starting to worry about coming home, although I don't feel that will be any time soon.
So short update tonight, going to hit the bed to warm up!!!

1 comment:

Cath x said...

I agree, far too cold again! Hope you're mum continues getting better! xxx