Sunday, January 30, 2011

Short Weekend.

How is it that the weekend goes so fast??? One minute its Friday and the next its Sunday night and I am thinking of getting back in the swing of things at work. I really think its about time that things changed, the weekend should be 5 days long, that would be far better!!!

This afternoon much to the dogs relief, I cooked Sunday Lunch, for the past two weeks we have eaten out. Poor Hunny missed out on the scraps. Today she was very pleased to be able to finish up the odds and ends left over!! I even managed to keep a little of the pork crackling for Mum!
Tonight we took Laura in to see Mum, she was snoozing in her armchair when we got there. Once we woke her up she was very chatty, not confused, no old lady voice, she was looking good. She is starting to feel positive and is looking forward to getting home. I hope that feeling lasts!
Today has been good. I hope its the start of something new and good!!

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Raymonde said...

That sounds good about your mum. Take care. xxx