Saturday, January 22, 2011

Moving On

This week has gone by in a flash its hard to believe that its nearly February! I still don't seem to have time to breathe with work and hospital visiting there is little time for anything else.
Mum is up on her feet, she has physio three times a week and they encourage her to walk as much as possible. Mum doesn't really get that last bit, she thinks that means sit as much as possible and only walk when you absolutely have to. I spoke to the sister last night and she said is progressing but they can't understand why she is so reluctant. Unknown to us they had arranged for her to be taken home yesterday so that adult services could look at what needs doing for when she gets home. Seems Mum had other plans and refused to go. She said she wasn't ready but I think sometimes you have to push yourself and have a go.

This week we have installed an energy monitor, I am not sure if its a good idea. To start with its interesting to see what happens when you put on the kettle or the tumble drier, but the way that the information is recorded is not that useful. It tells you that if you were to have the tumble drier running 24 hours a day for a month it would cost £400. Well its unlikely that anyone would have it running 24 hours a day for a month, so I fail to see how that really helps. I was hoping that it would show a running total or something so you could compare last weeks use to this weeks.The monitor came with a whole load of paperwork and instructions. BUT sometimes there is a red light on it, I have searched the book to see what that means and I can't find anything. Its only on in the morning and then only some mornings.Its annoying me!!!

 Talking about things 'green' the council are introducing recycling wheelie bins in the next few weeks, that should be interesting. We will now have three full sized wheelie bins (which are not very pretty at the best of times) we will have a general waste collecting fortnightly and 'most things' should be recyclable. I think all we can do is line them up outside the back door and go from there. We will have to squash everything or they'll be full up in half an hour!!

Off to watch my energy monitor!!


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I used to avidly watch the energy monitor when we first got it, now i'm lucky if i remember to plug it in!

Jenn Jilks said...

I hope you have a fabulous week. Roast beef sounds like a good idea.