Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still Waiting......

Well yesterday was not a very good day, Mum was up at 6am to be ready and waiting for transfer to the QE2 hospital to have her ankle Xrayed. She waited all day in bed for someone to turn up and no one did. At 4pm the transport arrived and immediately said there was no point in taking her as it was too late!!
That meant that she would have to wait until Monday for an Xray, by Monday she will have been in bed for with an injured ankle for 5 days. We have jumped up and down complained and still nothing is being done. The feeling is that they will dose her up with pain killers and wait until Monday.
I am so angry that people can be treated like this. How is it right that she has to wait 5 days?? Mum is miserable which makes me miserable, while the staff have been trying very hard to get things sorted they have been let down by the 'out sourced' transport services. I am guessing that by turning up at all they fulfilled their obligations even if they didn't actually take her anywhere.
We have decided that as no one was listening to us that we had no alternative but take our story to the papers, so yesterday we contacted one of the Nationals who immediately got onto the trust press office, who in turn contacted the hospital. We were in the office when their call came through.
So lets see what happens from here on in. I think that the only option is to keep fighting until someone listens.

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