Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Experiences.

For my birthday I had an unusual present, a bead making kit, which consisted of a load of glass rods....
A hot head torch and safety set up and equipment.Along with everything else that you need for making your own glass beads. I have now been on a couple of courses and I have found an interest in making beads. So i set the whole lot up and got cracking making some beads. The top picture is of the product of my labours. I am having great fun experimenting with the glass and torch. The torch is a bit scary and the first lot I made took a long time. I then realised that I hadn't got the torch full on so one lesson learnt already.

I have learnt that its very addictive, I want to be able to do everything straight away, this is not possible and I need to spend some time perfecting my skills. I do think that I will be able to get there. Its all about learning how the different glasses react with each other and what effects you can get. My friend Debbie bought me a book for my birthday which I am reading, I have picked up tips from there. I am going to attempt one bead every time I fire up and keep going until I get it right. I think that to fund this habit I am going to have to sell off some of my rubber stamps, so look out eBay, if I ever get organised enough I am going to have a massive clear out.
Tomorrow we are off to Belgium for a few days. We are taking Beth to Ypres to look around the Flanders Field Museum. She is doing the first world war at school and they will be taking a trip there. She doesn' want to go with the school , so a few days away will be nice.
More good news Mum came home today to see if she could manage around the house. She did very well and is likely to be heading home next weekend when they have the carers set up.  Whoopee!!!


Cath x said...

Great stuff, would like to have a go myself! Have a lovely time away xx

Raymonde said...

Looking forward to being able to buy a lovely bracelet with your beads. Have a super time away.
And I am pleased to hear your mum's progress. Take care. xxx