Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Not a Good Evening.

You know how it is, been busy at work all week finally got finished today and went to visit Mum only to find that just before we arrived that she had taken a fall while getting out of bed. On the positive side she was with a nurse and she managed to grab her and break her fall, so she slid to the floor rather than a full blown fall. The nurse said that she was assisting her out of bed to go and get her tea when she simply failed to put her foot securely on the floor and sort of went over on it.
Within a very short while of it happening they had pushed the emergency button and got other staff straight there and hoisted her back up on the bed. Mum is very shaken and is now again frightened to get up or attempt to get up. I am not really sure whats behind it, she said that she felt odd, her legs felt like jelly and she didn't feel in control. She has done so well, she has managed to come off of the morphine patches that she has been on for the past few years and the difference in her mentally has been very noticeable. On talking to staff it seems they have replaced the patch with a medication called Tramadol, which on looking it up is another addictive drug of the narcotic family!!! Not really sure why they would do that. We don't want her to be in any pain, but she has not been reporting having any pain and she has been having paracetamol to help her over the little aches.
We have been very encouraging to her tonight but she is seriously down in the dumps and doesn't believe that she will be able to get out of there any time soon. I am hopeful its just a mini setback and that she will soon be back up and away!

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Raymonde said...

You and your family are in my prayers Liz. Sorry to hear about set back but I am sure she will make full recovery. Take care. xxx