Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good Day!!

Today was a good day, We went to our friends and were treated to a lovely Sunday roast and an afternoon of painting pots. We all sat down to try our hands at painting and decorating a variety of ceramics. Beth and I had flower shaped plates, Tom tried his hand a painting a cat. I can't wait to see how it comes out, he has painted a black face and a chocolate brown body with black spots!!
Beth and I have gone for spots again, hearts and spots. All we need to do now is thoroughly read the books that came with the kiln and work out how to apply the glaze and load the kiln so that we have a product at the end. I think that's going to require another trip back to work that out.
The whole weekend has flown by I can't believe how quickly it goes. Next week I have a trip to Harrogate to look forward to, so that will make it a bit more bearable!!

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