Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Back

 I have had a few days away in Harrogate on UNISON'S women's conference. I woke up yesterday morning to the return of winter, a good few inches of snow. It was a bit of a shock as I thought we had done with all that and I don't remember ever having snow on my birthday before!!
We arrived on Wednesday afternoon to find that the Hotel, was not quite where we expected it to be, instead of within walking distance to the conference centre it was 2 and a half miles away!! We were left no choice but to drive in everyday. We registered on the Thursday and sat down to the first sessions. I like conferences for the variety of speakers, a lot of people have overcome huge hurdles to get up and speak. This year we had a very inspiring speech from Baroness Blood. A fantastic lady who was instrumental in the Northern Ireland peace talks and the Good Friday agreement. She is an ordinary person who was moved to try and do something for her community to make life better for everyone. She came up against all sorts or opposition but stuck at it and won out. Check her out HERE one determined lady!!!
Yesterday was my birthday so I came home to lots of celebrations, cakes and presents. I simply have not had time to thank everyone yet, there seems a lot to do to get things sorted out, a few days away seems to create a load of washing and general mess.  I did think yesterday that I was just about straight, only to open a card from Sandra FULL of those shiny confetti things, so now my floor is covered in red and pink hearts! I have until November to save up industrial quantities of the same to send back to her!!
Good news on the Mum front, she is making slow but steady progress. She is coming home on Wednesday for a home visit for the staff to see what needs to happen at home to get her reinstalled, so that's a positive move.  We have had a lot of people make contact after the article in the paper including people we met on the cruise last year who had no idea. Tomorrow I will post some birthday photos!

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