Friday, February 04, 2011

{Joy Of Love} - Day Four - What they wear

I think this sums up Beth's sense of humour, she loves to do funny things, I am happy with this photo, she has a slightly dirty face (look around her lips) and the make up shows her in full funny flow!!
These photos are being prompted by THIS Challenge Blog.
Please go and look at the other photos!!

Tonight we have been to see Mum, she has mastered getting into and out of bed, she had been very worried about the whole bed thing. Today she has been with the occupational therapists and they have had her stand on her own and tip water from a jug into a glass, which she has managed with ease. So things are moving along nicely now.

Because we have been visiting on just about a daily basis we have got to know the other patients and some of their more regular visitors. We have seen people get better and move back home. We spend some of the time talking to the other patients. This is because people are all sitting in the day room and are not in bed like a normal hospital. Space is tight and you can't help but talk to people. Tonight we noticed that one of the ladies who we regularly spoke to was missing. She had been having a hard time with her hip, which she had had replaced and it was not healing like it should do. She has all her marbles and was funny. We asked where she was and it seemed that she had a fall and has broken her other hip. The poor lady is now back in the QE2. I expect she is devastated.

We have a busy weekend in prospect, Tom is going to take Laura to Birmingham for her course which starts on Monday, during the day on Sunday. Debbie and I are going to a bead making course in Ware and I will take Beth over to Malcolm's for the day while we are busy. Whoop whoop, crafting fun!!!


Tracey said...

hee hee, she looks so much fun, can she come stay with us for a while x

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