Saturday, February 05, 2011

{Joy of Love} - Love to Hate!!!

Today's prompt for the challenge blog {Joy of Love} is Love to Hate! Beth is a born joker and I think she gets some of that from her grandmother, who in her day was ore than a little naughty!!Like all kids Beth gets fed up with having her photo taken, So as a result of that we have a fair few photos where she is pulling faces. Generally I can con her into one or two decent ones before she has had enough. She couldn't believe her luck when I asked her to pull a face or two for this photo!!
Check HERE for the other photos!!

I have heard from Mum today, the reduction of her morphine patches seems to have made her understanding of how her mobile phone works, far clearer. She can now magically phone and text with very little problem. So perhaps all along it was the drugs. She has said that she has been fine today, had a bit of a lie in this morning. Dad has seen her and has said she is doing well. I am going in tonight!!

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Tracey said...

she look great !