Monday, November 28, 2011

Glass works!

I have been having a go with my new torch, its super speedy and sometimes its a bit too fast for me!!! So its been a case of practicing until I make something I like. I have tried some different shapes and sizes. The beauty of this new torch is that it assists rather than hinder, I have tried out different glass and for the first time I have managed to make transparent glass look OK. I need to clean these beads a bit but I am getting there.
I also need to cool the beads a bit more before putting them in the kiln as a few have mandrel marks on them . But its a learning curve! I think I also need some sort of rack in there so that I can separate the mandrels that will make it easier to get more in.

The weekend has flown by can't believe we will be off to Amsterdam this coming Saturday. I think I am all sorted just need to book the visit to Anne Frank house, but waiting for payday before I do that!!

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