Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a Difference a week makes

This time last week we were starting out on our adventure in fact we were nearly there. This weekend I am in the process of trying to recreate the set up from last week!! During the week Debbie and I decided to upgrade our hot heads to Minors which means we also had to take the plunge and buy an oxygen supply to go with it. 
Our equipment arrived during the week in several huge boxes. There is still one box to come !
Last night I unpacked mine and set up the oxygen generator, while checking it over I discovered that he was named Monty!! There was a label on the front identifying him. He is a bit of a beast, heavy and on wheels. I need to swap my conservatory around so that I can get it all set up. I am hoping that I will be able to leave it set up all the time that way I should be able to sneak an hour here and there during the week. 

This morning has started off with Tom dropping Carl at work as he has a night out with friends and doesn't want his car (the exception now is a night in with us!!) I have hung out one load of washing and have another one on. We finally had to give in and yesterday switch on our heating.I think that's a record for us we usually end up switching on sometime in October!!

Beth has decided to do art as one of her options this year. She has been working very hard at it and has produced some lovely work. At the moment she has had to copy work, use shading, cross hatching and other techniques to produce her own version. She had trouble deciding between Art and Drama, I think she has made the right decision drama relies on other people to give as much as you are, art you can rely on your own talents. 
We will be calling around to see Mum and Dad this morning. They have had a turbulent week with Dad having a spell in hospital and Mum experiencing more problems with her leg. The wound has started to leak again and its clear that there is still an infection.The Doctor has upped her antibiotics and added another to the mix. Hopefully that will do the job for her. The surgeon did say at some point she might be grateful to have the metal work removed, something that she does not want to happen as she is worried about having another major operation. Last X Ray showed that the bone was growing nicely so fingers crossed she can get the infection sorted and move on.

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