Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Beth!

Happy Birthday Beth!! Beth is now 15 and my run of family birthdays has come to an end until next year. Beth was very lucky to have received a beautiful birthday 'cupcake' from the resident Copperfields baker, our neighbour Karen. She really did a fantastic job, just look at all that Delicious icing sprinkled with red sugar hearts, Mmmmm!!!

It was a huge hit, we took some around to Nan and Grandad and its all just about gone.
Yesterday I had a Christmas shopping day with Tom. We went over to Watford to get the last few bits we needed, it was an eventful day. 
On the way we dropped off Tom's car for its MOT and for it to have some light bulbs changed. The car, a Renault Megane is so useless that to change the light bulbs in the front you have to put it on a ramp and take the wheel off so that you can access the little hatch in the wheel arch, its madness. So it was nearly MOT time so we had the whole lot done at the same time. We arrived in Watford quite early around 9.30 and as we had rushed out neither of us had had a cup of tea, so because we are now people of a certain age we decided to find a place to have a cuppa. 
We sat down ordered a cup of tea and a slice of toast, they served us tea when the next thing to happen was the place was raided by Police!! A load of officers wearing stab proofs rushed in and locked us all in, they were not letting anyone out!! The girls behind the counter seemed bemused but the officers told us to finish our breakfast and asked us to leave. I really thought that we were starring in a candid camera episode. The only other customers were two middle aged women who were insisting loudly that the nice young policemen should frisk them, it was all so bizarre!!!! We were let on our way and who knows what happened in the cafe after that!
The good news is  I have done and wrapped just about all of my Christmas shopping, just a few bits left to get. I am now looking forward to my trip to Amsterdam next weekend. 

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