Sunday, September 09, 2012

Down In Kerry.

The second week on our holiday we spent down in Kerry, a very remote and pretty place, although with the weather that we had it was not easy to see the scenery!! We stayed in a place Called Ballinskelligs, which was really in the back of beyond. The beach near our cottage was very pretty and came complete with a wrecked castle. 

Driving in Ireland was something else, the roads are awful (mostly) and road junctions have loads and loads of signs, making it very hard to see where you should be going! One night we decided to head for  
Portmagee and managed to miss the right road, it was dark and we found ourselves heading up a mountain in the pitch black. The higher we got the worse the conditions got, low cloud turned into fog and I had to negotiate hair pin bends. It was so steep I couldn't get out of first gear! It was really really scary!! I have never been so pleased to get back to a road wider than 5ft!!

Ireland has loads of beautiful countryside and looking at the flowers bought back memories of visiting back when I was a teenager. I don't know of anywhere else where there are lilies and fuchsias growing wild . 

All the hedgerows were brightly coloured

It was like they had been planted on purpose, but researching it it seems the fuchsias were bought over from Chile in the 1600's they run wild and  have taken over the hedgerows.

The past weekend I have been in Oxford with Laura, she has been on  a team building event. Its nice to be invited as a guest, I get the chance to catch up with some folk I haven't seen for a while. While they were team building I went for a walk around the shops. Saturday night we all went to the dogs and we had a little win. We stayed at a lovely hotel with a spa and pool. I was able to go swimming early on Saturday morning (before breakfast!!) and also spent 20 minutes in the Turkish bath. I wish we had a pool nearby here so I could swim a bit more!!

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