Monday, September 17, 2012

Going for a drive!!

Yesterday We went to The St Marys School (Bishops Stortford) Car Show. 
My friend Debbie and I had a stall and we sold some of our jewellery. Beth was really helpful all day helping set up and selling on the stall, so when she spotted the 'have a go at driving' stand, she wanted a go. It was a costly £2 for two times around the playground. So Tom took her over and she had a go. She really liked it and was keen for me to take her for another go.

So I took her over and she had the same instructor this time I was in the back seat ! She did very well and remembered how to start the car, hand break, accelerator the lot. This time she drove around 4 times, got her money worth!!! 

On talking to the instructor he said that they have the facility to take youngsters our to an airfield to give them practice long before they can have a driving licence. Beth really wants to learn to drive so perhaps we will let her have a go!!!

Debbie and I set up our stall to sell some of our jewellery. We did quite well with our sales, although it was a long day. We also had a tent set up with pottery painting and we had quite a few people turn up and have a go. We started off slow but by mid afternoon we were in full swing and busy!!

By the time we cleared up time was getting on. It was a great day and we learnt a lot!!
It was lucky that we were able to borrow a tent from the scouts and that we were able to call on the help of Tom, Malcolm, Beth,Georgie and Sam !!

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