Saturday, November 23, 2013

A break in usual service!!

I hope to be able to resume my blogging very soon, but on the 14th I had an operation to replace my arthritic right hip, I had been waiting some time for the operation and I honestly thought I had gone in with my eyes open. While in the main I was prepared I was unprepared for how emotional I would feel afterwards and that has really knocked me for six. 

Anyway I am now back at home struggling with sleeping on my back and coping with the awful surgical pressure stockings which they want me to wear for three months!!! I am sure I won't manage that as they are driving me absolutely nuts . I also have to do blood thinning injections for a month it's certainly not a bed of roses.  I know in the long run it should be a huge improvement but it feels that result is a long way away at the moment! 

So once I am in a better frame of mind I will resume blogging!!!

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