Saturday, November 09, 2013

Back to see Harry Potter!!

The weather was glorious, in the 90's it was fantastic to be able to wear summer clothes and not worry too much about feeling chilly!! We decided to make an early start and headed off down to Harry Potter Land to do the ride. Last time I visited I wasn't able to get on the ride as the seats were too small. There had been a load of complaints about the seat size and this time there were some more generous seats, however I am pleased to report that on this visit I didn't need one of those as I fit in a regular one. 

There wasn't very much by way of queue, but when we were queuing it was interesting, lots of Harry Potter stuff to look at.

Once we actually got to the ride it was a combination coaster come simulator ride. We were chasing the golden snitch! It was a very strange ride. I have a pretty good stomach for most things, but this one really made me feel queasy. I can only remember one other ride doing that to me and that was at Alton Towers back in the 80's. To be honest I was glad to be off this ride and we didn't do it again despite the very small queues!

I really like how they stage set the whole of the area, we were able to buy a post card and have it stamped Harry Potter World. There were streets and snow capped buildings, a great experience!

Laura treated herself to a 'butterbeer' so we all had a sip, it was very nice!!!

Just as you leave Harry Potter land is the entrance to the Dueling Dragons Roller Coasters. Again I had been unable to ride last time so I had to have a go this time. It was quite an experience, it seems as if were would crash into the other coaster, we got that close at one point!! I can say that I have done it now, but it wasn't a very comfortable experience as you had to sit on your shoes if they were likely to fly off. If there is a next time I'd wear trainers!!!

We headed over to wards the Superman ride and had a go on the tea cups and The Hulk Roller Coaster.

The Hulk is a massive coaster that goes upside down several times!! I loved it!!

Universal seems to have moved with the times and everytime we visit there is something new to see or do, along with some of the old favourites. They specialise in HUGE roller coasters and simulator rides, which is fine by me!!!

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