Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Crafty Night on the Town!!

Last week I had an evening out with my friend Jane, (I had a good week as I had a few drinks around at Karen's as well!!!) Jane is  one of my crafty friends, so we went out for an evening of beading! We decided to make bracelets, made out of seed beads. Despite taking her glasses Jane was having 'issues' seeing as everything was so small!!! In the end I loaned her my 99p magnifying specials, they worked for her!!

To help us concentrate we had a supply of skittles and malteasers!!

By the end of the evening we had both sewn ourselves a bracelet!!It wasn't too difficult once we had got the hang of it. It was surprising how few beads we used!!

We learned a few techniques, by the end of the evening we could 'picot' like a pair of professionals!!!

A couple of weeks ago I bought something called a Kumihino Disk, a Japanese invention to make braids. Once I had looked it up on You Tube it became quite easy, the translated instructions included in the pack were useless!! I made these two out of suede thongs. I can see that I will be able to make all sorts of patterns using this disk!! 

This past weekend has been Easter, the weather has been generally nice, although on Sunday we had yet another power cut, I can't believe that it keeps happening. Luckily it was another very short one, but I wonder why it keeps happening. Its a nuisance having to reset all the alarm clocks afterwards!!

I am pleased with how the garden is coming along, lots of nice plants. I bought Tom a new clematis after he lost two of them over the winter with the fences going down. That seems to be growing six inches a day!!

Finally a shot of the Easter Eggs, its going to take a while for those to be demolished!!

Hope you all have a good week.

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Chunka said...

Love the look of the bracelets, I'm off to check out YouTube . Thanks for the inspiration.