Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time Flies..

Time flies, particularly at the weekend, you spend all week looking forward to the weekend and then in a flash its gone. I hate not having anything in particular planned, because it makes me feel as if I am wasting time deciding what to do. So this weekend I decided to do a couple of crocheted mats. I wanted to do an oval one for my bathroom and a rectangular one for Carl's bathroom. The first step of the process is to rip up the material, that causes clouds of lint dust, so I sat with the back door open and I wore a mask. The whole of my work room is covered in a layer of dust, but I have the ripping down to a fine art now. I can tear up a whole sheet without a join!! 

I decided on pastel colours for my mat and Carl wanted blue and white to go with his bathroom.

It is really amazing how quickly it all grows. I made a mat that measures around 4 feet by three feet in around 2 hours!!, I tried a different technique for Carl's, I even managed to get 'corners' which I hadn't been able to do before. 

The great thing about these mats is that they are made out of recycled material, they are absorbent, having been washed loads of times before and they are washable, so even white ones can be kept looking pretty!!

Since last year when Mum passed away we have been trying to sort things out, the situation at the hospital is being dealt with by our solicitors, I still feel very sad about the things that happened in those last few weeks. I have been surprised at how companies have reacted after a bereavement. Some like 02 have been fantastic, they simply dealt with everything and wrote off mums bill, cancelled the account, others however have been less than great, one of those is Virgin Media. I have a lot of services through Virgin including TV, Internet and mobile phone. I set up Mums broadband through Virgin, so as dad doesn't use broad band, back in December I called up to cancel the account. They said that they could as long as we paid up the rest of the contract, which didn't expire until May 2014! I explained that only Mum used the Internet but they wouldn't have it, so I have this weekend cancelled the contract and I asked them to see how much Internet had been used in the past months? Despite no usage they refused to refund anything!! Virgin a fantastic example of lack of compassion and ability to think outside the box. They are simply money grabbers. They even had the cheek to ask for the router back, they can have it, I don't think its likely to be working by the time it arrives back with them!!!

Have a great week, roll on Bank Holiday weekend!!!

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