Sunday, May 04, 2014

Loving Bank holiday weekends!!

With Easter being late this year we have the benefit of two Bank Holiday weekends within a couple of weeks of each other, I am loving the four day weeks!!! Today the sun is out and I am sitting in the conservatory with the door open, all I can hear are birds singing in the trees, its perfect!!
May is going to be a busy month, lots going on and lots to do. Towards the end we have two big events, the wedding of my eldest God daughter and our cruise. I am really excited about both!! Before then I have a trip to Devon, a couple of days in London and a trip to the theatre to see my all time favourite musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. Its years since I have seen a production of the musical, I was at secondary school and we went on a trip to the West end, I love all the songs and know them all word perfect!! I decided to treat Tom and I to the trip when I spotted that a local group were doing their own version of it, I can't wait. 

I have had another productive weekend, I have finally got around to recovering two foot stools that I have been meaning to do for a while. Both were charity shop finds that I liked the shape of but the covering was not to my liking.

Despite having had the second one for some time I forgot to take a before photo!!
I did get an after though!!

I repainted the legs and added some new fabric, to match the cushions in the living room. I am rather pleased with the results! I have been really pleased with the fabrics, I bought them back from USA last year, I still have 'some' left in my secret store for when inspiration hits me again!

This week I also wanted to try my hand at making paper roses, I have seen quite a few around at the moment so a google search revealed several different types and styles so I tried out a few and finally decided on this simple version. All you do is cut paper into 3 inch squares.

Fold the paper on the diagonal,  three times. 

They cut out a petal shape. When you open up the paper you have a fluted circle shape, you then fold and stick the circles to make the roses. 

I then stuffed a plastic bag with screwed up newspapers to make a ball shape, which I stuck into a pot. I then used my trusty glue gun to stick the rose heads on. I am very happy with the result, which is now on  my dressing table!!

Its amazing what you can make out of three sheets of double sided paper and a hot glue gun!

Today we made a start on cleaning out the loft, I have not been able to get up there for quite a few years, from poking my head into there, its clears its stuffed to the gunnel's with all sort of rubbish. The trouble with the loft is that you put things in there that are too good to chuck out, but not really good enough to sell, so into the holding bay they go, where they stay for the next fifteen years, when you have to make the decision to chuck them away anyway. We have bought out all sorts of treasures including an ancient Amiga computer that actually weighs a ton!! along with the giant monitor and and equally old printer, We found boxes of clothes from when the kids were babies, all sorts of treasures/rubbish!! So stage one has started, we have loaded up the car and Tom will go to the dump with it on Tuesday (avoiding bank holiday Monday when everyone in WGC will be there!!). We are going to do another few hours tomorrow and hope that we can break the back of it, fingers crossed.

Today I stupidly decided to install the new internet superhub, the last one had a knob issue, in so far as I pushed the connection knob and it fell off in my hand!! so Virgin (the money grabbing barstewards) sent me a new one to install. I followed all the directions and set it up, only to find that the broadband was so slow that pages timed out, so I phoned them and spent a fruitless hour while they checked out everything and had me doing the modem okie cokie, in out shake it all about. After an hour of that they gave up and have decided to send out an engineer on Tuesday to sort it out, just as you might expect as soon as they were off the phone it started to pick up, they can still come out and give everything the once over, part of their 'free' service, I want to get as much as possible from their 'free' anything!!!! 
I hope you all have a lovely short week.

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