Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wild Flowers

I am very pleased with my garden this year, its been quite hard work but its been fruitful. We have tried out some seed collections. I bought a big plastic shaker of miracle grow seeds and fertiliser. We have planted them in some troughs and a few flower pots. They are starting to come out now and look pretty impressive.  I have no idea what is in them but they all seem to look good together and are just starting to flower.

I was watching Country file on TV and they were sending out wild seed mixtures. I applied for a packet and when it arrived I planted up another big flowerpot. This time they have listed the possible flowers, it includes Corncockle, Corn Poppy, Red Campion and Buttercup. I can't wait to see what we get!!

The roses are all coming into flower and in the front garden we have a brilliant Dublin Bay Rose. It is the deepest darkest red, it seems to glow. We also bought a climbing rose in memory of Mum, I researched roses because I wanted one with a fragrance, pink and disease resistant. I settled on a climber called Aloha. Dad has planted three in his garden and we have one. It is growing well and has a few buds, so I am hoping that will be out shortly.

Laura seems to be enjoying herself in Japan. She has stayed in contact via facebook and her blog. They have an action packed trip, with lots of travelling and up to three different tours each day. If you combine that with jet lag she is finding it all totally exhausting! I am enjoying hearing what she is up to.

Beth is still not right, she is on day three of the anti-biotics and is still doing the red hot and freezing cold thing. The bonus is that she no longer has the headache, so that's progress at least.

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