Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Trip into London.

Last week I had a few days off of work. Its strange how quickly the time I spent recovering from my operation seems such a long time ago. I am going from strength to strength. I am just about free of my walking stick. I know it seems like I have been using my stick for a long time, but I am trying to beat the limp that I have had for a few years. I am getting there. Now I only limp if I get tired. I am trying to increase the amount of walking that I do. I have a fancy pedometer and I have managed to walk a good few miles most days. Last Friday I went to the Excel Centre in Docklands for a craft fair with my friend Barb. We started by travelling to Kings Cross, it really s a fabulous station since they have revamped it.

It was a good show, lots of stalls and lots of chances to try your hand at different things. We made a pair of earrings, a layered card., tried our hands at glitter painting on acetate. Towards the end we had a sit down and joined in with a Guinness book of records attempt at making the longest knitted or crocheted chain. Barb crocheted the blue hoop and I knitted the yellow one. Its been ages since I picked up my knitting needles and it seemed to take an age to cast on and do the first row. Barb on the other hand whizzed through it. !!

I can't remember visiting Docklands area of London before. On the way there on the train we went pass a few land marks, The Millennium Dome, now called the 02 arena. We went by the Olympic park, we could see some of the buildings and the strange looking red metal landmark thingy!! We also went by the Banking district and Canary Wharf . Once we came out of the Ex Cel we walked down by the river, the place has been regenerated but it still retained some of its Dockland heritage.

The trains on the Docklands Light Railway don't have drivers, it has the feel of being on a Disney ride as you can sit right at the front and watch where you are going!! Its an interesting experience!!

Finally we have lots of spring flowers putting in an appearance. Dad is a fantastic gardener, he spends hours in his garden and in his green house. He can grow just about anything. The one flower he has problems with is the Pansy, he just can't get them to grow in his garden.We have just found these Pansy's flowering in the smallest of cracks between the road and the kerb stone outside our house. They are self sets and look really pretty. Makes me wonder what Dad is doing to fail with them !!!!

I am pleased that it is nearly the weekend again, I have a few plans for the next few days, starting with a visit to Ikea, a trip to Ally Pally and finishing with dinner with friends on Sunday.Next week is looking fairly booked up as well, with some evenings booked with friends, Happy Days!!!

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