Saturday, October 04, 2014

Where did that week go???

Well the week got off to a very good start with a trip to see the Osmonds at The Gordon Craig in Stevenage. Karen and I started early and had a nice dinner and a cocktail at Chiquitos. We were chatting and hadn't realised just how fast the time was flying by! We arrived at the venue with hoards of other middle aged women keen to rediscover the idols of their youth!!!

Now there are only three of them left, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy. Donny and Marie are performing in Las Vegas. Having seen lots of their shows, I can honestly say they are brilliant entertainers!!

Karen managed to get us some very good seats fairly close to the front, we were on the end of the row so we were able to get up to 'rush' the stage if we had the desire to do so!!!

Well the show started and we decided to do that, we headed for the front and were able to see them up close!! It was quite amusing because we both felt like 15 year old groupies again!!

The venue had decided to try and protect the performers by putting one bouncer at the front of the stage, he was swamped and totally unable to stop the crowd from doing anything! In the end he was trapped right at the front and was very obvious as the only male in a sea of women!! They sung all their old hits its was 1974 again!!!

This week has seen me suffer a sad loss, my trusty Woolworths own brand hot glue gun has died. I have had it for fifteen years and as is usual I had just bought a new supply of glue sticks when it gave up the ghost. I had to get up this morning and buy a new one. I am in the middle of making some paper roses and urgently needed my glue gun!!

I have made a fair few of these roses and plan to pop them in a pot. I have a friend who wanted me to make them for her. They are easy to make but seem to take an age!!

We are very hopeful that in the next two weeks we will be able to finally scatter Mums ashes. The arrangements have not been without issues. The Council have been re arranging the cemetery as they had run out of room. We had ordered a plaque with her photo and details to be placed on the kerb stone around the rose garden. Once that is in place we can hold the service to scatter the ashes. I filled in the form and double checked it but when they produced the plaque they had spelled mums name wrong! So it went back and they produced another this time the name was right the dates were wrong. So third time lucky they assure me that they have the whole thing correct this time. So we need to finalise a date with Father Norbert and we will be able to close this final part of Mums life.

This week has also had some very good news. This time for Beth. Beth has completed a year at college on an early years course, she hasn't really enjoyed it, she loves the practical placement experience but is not as keen on the academic part. She had been thinking of ways into employment into a job that she is interested in, so decided to apply for an apprenticeship, in fact she applied for two apprenticeships and a job as a teaching assistant. We sat down and filled out application forms and Beth decided to send a speculative email to a specialist school in town asking if they did apprenticeships. Well as is always the case, she went from nothing to three offers in the space of a week!! She has decided to accept the apprenticeship at the special needs school and she starts next week!! She has to swap college course but will be able to use some of the work she has already completed. The college course is one day a week meaning she will be paid for four days work each week. We are so pleased that she has secured a place and proud that she went out and got it herself!!!

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