Friday, November 07, 2014

Laid to Rest

Today exactly eleven months since Mum passed away we were finally able to bury her ashes. It has been a long time to get to this point and it hasn't been easy. We were keen for her to be nearby, but the council cemetery was full and they had to rearrange some of the older parts and place new memorial stones. The new arrangement works for us. Its a nice place to go to and its not too far away.

The admin side of things took the council an age to sort out, we had been promised that we would be able to scatter her ashes in April but with several delays caused by a variety of reasons we arrived at today's date.

Father Norbert, our local Parish Priest carried out the final blessing on a windy and wet afternoon. He made all the difference, he knew Mum and knows the rest of us, so it was a personal service. He even sung part of the blessing in Latin and we all were able to bless the grave with Holy water. Mum loved pink so I tied three beautiful pink roses from a bouquet that my friend Debbie gave me and left them there after the service .

Just for good measure after what had been a pretty horrible day weather wise, the sun came out and we had a beautiful pink tinged sun set.

This week has featured lots of stories about the anniversary of the first world war, a terrible time in history which has been made very live and personal by the research that has been carried out into some of the soldiers. It has made me think about my family history again, I really must jump back into my family tree. I plan to go into town on Sunday for Remembrance Day Parades. 

I want to send my love and support to two special ladies, Karen and Tina. You both have done so well, keep it up xxxx

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