Sunday, November 02, 2014

This is Halloween!!!!

Its hard to believe that a year ago we were in Florida, so much has changed in this past year. I was still to have my hip done and was barely able to walk. Things are so different now, I can walk well, although its been really really hard to get rid of the limp and most of the time if I don't concentrate it comes back, Still on the plus side I am not in any pain and it has transformed my life. 

I have always loved Halloween and this year it was quite sad because all my children were too old for Trick or treating. We decorated the front of the house and we had a few groups knock. I decided this year that if they were 'big' kids I would give them a trick and a treat. so once they had taken their sweets I gave them a good honk on my air horn!!They all took it in good part including the one lad that jumped so much that he dropped his sweets!!!

I think Beth did a particularly good job of her Pumpkin this year!!!

Beth also excelled herself in the make up department, we went to a Halloween party last night and Beth did all of our make up!! Its amazing what you can do with latex, toilet paper and lip gloss!!

Cracked Porcelain doll. 

I think these were pretty realistic!! (particularly at night !!)

Madeline and I were some sort of witches!! I was very pleased with my dress which had in a previous life been a prom dress, but I bought it from a charity shop for £3!The hat was a bit dodgy, had a brim with a mind of its own!! I hope you are impressed with my red eyes in the photo above, its all natural, I have had a horrible week of eye infections which have been really debilitating, I am pleased to say that they are now starting to recover!!

Carl's outfit was inspired he went as 50 shades of Grey's Christian, of course he had to Halloween it so Beth provided the bullet hole in the head!! Harry went as a zombie cowboy!!

John was the butcher of Abbots and Tom was a ghost

Grace was. well I am not sure what Grace was but she looked very good with half her face missing!!

The week after next we will be marking the centenary of the start of the first world war. I will be laying the wreath in the garden of remembrance at work. There has been a lot of coverage of the Poppies at the Tower of London on the news, thousands and thousands of people have visited the Tower and this week during a rare Indian summer where the temperature reached 22 degrees  the crowds became so big that they had to close the underground station at Tower Hill. It really is a spectacle to see.

Tomorrow Beth starts her new job, so we wish her well and hope that this is the start of a long and exciting career.

I have another one of those busy weeks coming up, with meetings all over the place and a fair bit of travelling to, so I hope the weather continues to hold and that I have trouble free travelling!! I also plan to meet some friends for dinner on Tuesday evening and I want to wish another close friend all the best for her operation on the morning of the 4th xxxxxxx

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