Monday, November 17, 2014

Nothing to Report!

I have just had one of those odd sort of weekends, a weekend where I had plans but they didn't go according to plan one way and another!

Working full time during the week means that the weekend is the light at the end of the tunnel the whole reason for living!! So Saturday arrived and I woke at the usual time and decided to go to Lidls in time for it opening - I really know how to live, the pinnacle of my excitement!! So I did my shopping and was back home for 9.30am. - Can this weekend get any better?
After popping to see Dad it was back home to try and make a start on my Christmas wrapping. This year I am trying to be super organised because I have a couple of spells away coming up. business trip to Bristol and a girls weekend in Hamburg. 

(A couple of shots from our last trip, involving snow and Mulled wine!!)

I am particularly looking forward to the Germany trip, we last visited a couple of years ago and we really enjoyed it. We are hoping that this year we won't get any snow (its fine as long as you can just look at it and not battle your way through it!!). We are also hoping that the first weekend of the Christmas Markets will not be as busy as the ones nearer to Christmas. Last time we went we couldn't get near the stalls on the Saturday, we sort of got carried along by the crowds and couldn't actually stop to look at the wares. Worse than that we were right in the middle where the snow from the roofs of the stalls was slowly melting and dropping on us in huge wet clumps!!
This visit it is forecast to be cold and dry which is preferable to snowy and slushy!

Saturday afternoon we planned to go and see our friends Deb and Malc, their son Sam was appearing in my all time favourite musical, Jesus Christ Superstar. The plan was to go and spent a couple of hours before the show with our friends, it was not to be. It seems that our luck with all things water has rubbed off on them. We seem to lurch from one watery crisis to another. I think they were jealous of our watery antics and the variety of workman coming to our address to repair the vast array of issues. We thought that after our most recent disaster where the mains ruptured below the stop cock that they would give up and declare us the victors, but no, they went the extra mile. They went without heating AND water for two weeks and just when they thought things had returned to normal they discovered a leak in the replaced pipework leading to damaged ceilings and a lot of upset. 

Malc had got us all tickets for the last performance of the show, they were brilliant tickets, front row no obstructions. The plan for us to stop at theirs for a pizza went out the window when they again had to switch of the heating and water. Malc had to wait in for the plumber and ended up missing the show. The show was fantastic, it takes me right back to my youth, its the second time this year I have been lucky enough to see it, I can sing every single song and it always brings a lump to my throat when the final scene happens. The whole disappointment of missing the pizza was made bearable by a glass of cider and a chocolate ice cream at half time (Thank you Nanny Cate!!)

So what is happening this week? not a lot so far and not a lot in plan. If I get the inclination I am going to finish some furniture painting and finish the planning for Beth's birthday!! Happy days!

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